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Register now in the best GMAT Prep course  offered in Central London, and get trained in the top-ranked GMAT preparation in London for 700+ GMAT Score. The best GMAT prep courses and GMAT review Classes offered by MLIC are held at 34 Craven Terrace, Central London W2 3EL. (near Paddington Station and close to Lancaster Gate tube station on Central Line). The fee is U$1,695 or GBP1,195.

MLIC GMAT prep course has produced more 700+ GMAT test-takers than any other competitive prep course has ever done. MLIC GMAT courses feature the best GMAT training materials that are frequently updated to reflect current LIVE emphasis on recent GMAT administrations, the best professional GMAT trainers, and the best GMAT training methodology. All MLIC GMAT preparation programs in Central London and elsewhere are backed by 620+ or 80th percentile GMAT Score Guarantee.

Schedule for London GMAT Prep classes

The schedule for best GMAT preparation classes offered in Central London (Paddington)  is as follows:
  • GMAT Turboprep® Course: Friday - Monday: 09:15 a.m. to 05:30 p.m.
  • Fee for GMAT Turboprep® Course: U$1,695 or GBP1,195
  • You need to complete after-class homework (1 hour commitment) on Days 1 to 4 of the in-class GMAT preparation.

MLIC GMAT is the best

leading gmat course in london

MLIC GMAT beats Veritas Prep (click to learn the truth about Veritas Prep GMAT course in London), Kaplan GMAT courses, Manhattan GMAT (which is now Kaplan owned), Princeton Review, and all other me-too GMAT prep and GMAT review courses. Veritas GMAT course has reduced its GMAT prep hours by 6 but increased its fee in most GMAT prep centers.

MLIC GMAT courses are taught by full-time, professional GMAT trainers who are required to take the GMAT at least once each year and score in the 99th percentile. All other GMAT Course companies rely on part-time tutors who are uncommitted and untrained, and who may know less than you do about GMAT. MLIC training materials reflect the LIVE emphasis seen on current GMAT administrations. Watch out for amateur Chuck Dreyer who offers to meet at noisy places like coffee shop to 'tutor' you. (Read the testimonial about Chuck Dreyer modus operandi) Also, Know the true facts about Veritas Prep GMAT course in London, Kaplan GMAT and all others and you will see why MLIC Prep course in London is your best GMAT prep option.


"Your GMAT exam prep course gave me a structure that was important to my learning style, and got me prepped in all the GMAT maths basics that I had initially struggled with. I scored an impressive 680 after your GMAT training. Cheers, MLIC." -- Colin Cowdrey, London GMAT course.

"I was conned into taking a private GMAT tutoring with Chuck Dreyer in London, who offered a half-hour free shill on his background. I reluctantly signed on to do 10 hours of private GMAT tutoring for £750 at a local library, then a coffee shop, hardly the right settings for learning. Chuck Dreyer was abusive, impatient, incoherent, did not know the new changes to GMAT. When I told him I was disappointed and demanded refund, he threatened to harm me. Chuck Dreyer is a fraud. Then, I took the MLIC GMAT prep, and it was professional, and coached me to get a score of 710 on the GMAT. Choose MLIC GMAT. Avoid scam artists like Chuck Dreyer." -- Derek Manning, Nottingham, London GMAT course.
"Your GMAT course significantly exceeded my expectations and provided me with serious training in all Gmat areas. I am happy to report a score of 740. Thanks, MLIC. --- Sheena McCollum, London GMAT Course.
"I scored 730 on the Gmat when I took the GMAT test after attending the GMAT study course with MLIC. Thanks, MLIC. Your GMAT study and GMAT review course lives up to its billing." -- Kevin Widdicomb, London GMAT Prep course.
"Halfway through Veritas GMAT course, frustrated, I enrolled in MLIC GMAT. MLIC did a great job. Your GMAT test preparation was worth the time and additional money I paid for it." -- S. Hoffman, New York GMAT Prep.